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R.I.P.- Landscape Lighting System Died an Early Death

Lighthouse wants to make sure you enjoy your lighting system for years to come. Here, we will outline common causes for lighting system failure and the steps you can take to ensure it never does. The #1 reason most pro grade landscape lighting systems fail . . . Homeowners may choose different ways of getting […]

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Local Landscape Lighting Designer

Searching for the right landscape lighting designer Home Sweet Home. You may not have a framed, blue needlepoint of this expression hanging on your wall, but we all feel it. Our homes are where we feel most comfortable. Home is where we are truly ourselves and reflect this in how we keep them, how we […]

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Introducing Steel Bollards by Nightscaping®

Made in America by Nightscaping® Lighthouse is proud to present a fantastic line of “made in America” landscape lighting products. Nightscaping®, our sister company and low voltage lighting manufacturer has produced specifier-grade landscape lighting products, in the USA, since 1959. The most famous line of Nightscaping products is our forged-by-fire steel bollard series. These products are available in […]

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Landscape Lighting | Installation Phase

0:07 when considering a new landscape lighting system 0:11 for your home you must ask yourself what 0:14 makes an outdoor lighting system 0:16 installation professional and what makes 0:19 a lighting system installed by lighthouse better 0:21 than any other every lighthouse 0:24 installation team follows the detailed 0:26 project plan that includes not […]

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Landscape Lighting Design | Project Overview | Lake of the Ozarks

Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting of Central Missouri has recently completed a large landscape lighting design (nightscaping) project for a vacation home on the Lake of the Ozarks. Designer Ted Vanloo of Lighthouse Missouri worked with the owner of the property to design five distinctive lighting scenes to highlight aspects of the landscape of the home and […]

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Landscape Lighting | Design Phase

0:07 thank you for calling Lighthouse my 0:15 name is Maria how can I help you today 0:17 contacting lighthouse outdoor lighting 0:20 is the first step to realizing a 0:22 completely customized and professionally 0:24 designed lighting system for your home 0:26 when your designer arrives he or she 0:29 will make a quick […]

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Meet Ted Vanloo, location owner | Jefferson City, MO

Ted Vanloo was born and raised in Central Missouri. Living there all of his life gives him an understanding of what people in the area want when they call for landscape lighting design. As the owner of Lighthouse of Central Missouri, Ted Vanloo designs, services and installs custom landscape lighting to create a dramatic nightscape for your property. […]

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